Lucifer - Andrea Galad

INVOCATION TO PANO great God Pan, Beast and man, Shepherd of goats and Lord of the Land, I call you to attend my rites, on this most magickal of nights.                                     God of the wine, God of the vine,                                                                   God of the fields and god of the kind.                                                                    Attend my circle with your love                                                                       And send your blessings from above.                                                                     Help me to heal; Help me to feel; Help me to bring forth love and weal.                          Pan of the forests, Pan of the glade, be with me as my magick is made!
- Scott Cunningham


New set up for my altar to Hades. Or really to the Underworld in general. Keeping it chthonic. Need more stuff but Hades made it very clear he didn’t want to be sitting on the wine table anymore by breaking my favorite wand.

I love the location! An altar for Hades placed above the stairs just as you descend into the underworld… Perfect!